Don’t Park Like Nobody’s Watching



Here at Westlake, we get more and more students coming in every year. This comes with lots of complications and adjustments for the school, and one that’s very evident this year is the parking situation. Every day cars line up on both sides of the road in front of the school, and after the first bell rings there’s very little opportunity to park in any of the lots. Because parking is a necessary act for students and it seems to be in excessive demand this year, I went around after school and interviewed several students about the situation.

Of the five students I was able to talk to, all agreed that students parking in the road is a problem. It was described as a hazard to the drivers who were trying to pull into the road as well as a scary experience for many of the new, inexperienced drivers that are bound to be found at a high school. All of the students but one agreed that administration should do something about the parking situation to help alleviate the risk associated with driving to and from Westlake. We need more parking spots for students or restrictions to keep students from parking where their car will hinder the vision of other drivers.

Some may say that this isn’t actually a problem, that cars are still able to pull in and out of the property with ease. I can attest, from personal experience, that this is false. Last November, I was in a car accident when somebody took a left in front of me because they couldn’t see the road. Although I wasn’t faulted, my car was totalled and I lost my job as a delivery driver for a local pizza place as a result. I don’t really blame the other driver because I could only actually see him seconds before I was at the intersection due to the cars that were parked on the side of the road up to the edge of the curb.

Now, this responsibility of keeping the roads safe for others doesn’t fall entirely on the backs of the administration. In the end, the only reason the problem arose is because of the students. I understand that some students have no place to park other than the road, but that doesn’t mean that they have to park within twenty feet of every single intersection. Parking on the side of the road opposite of Westlake doesn’t cause any significant problems for anybody, and parking on boths sides is only cause for slight caution when it’s away from anywhere that would impair the vision of other drivers. So students: if you have to park in the road, please don’t place saving a few seconds of walking a longer distance to the school over the hazard that comes with blocking the road from the view of drivers. Park away from the intersections and you’ll be helping others to avoid anxiety and possibly property damage or injury.