Dancer Spotlight: Brecca Bastian



What made you start dancing?

“ I started dancing because  my mom wanted to put me in a sport and I liked to dance around like a ballerina, so dance it was.”

What’s your favorite dance style… Why?

My favorite dance style is contemporary because it feels so good! I get to display my technique as well as my emotions.”

What’s your favorite memory?

“ One of my favorite memories in my dance career was in my studio when we took overall high points in multiple competitions in one season leading us to taking four six foot trophies and the national title.”

Something that made dance tough for you?

“ One thing I’ve struggled with is competition within a team. On my studio team I felt so inadequate since all of them were so amazing. It was hard to see myself as equal to them. I really focused on my strengths to boost my esteem because I highly enjoyed dancing and it was a great outlet”.

What’s your plan with dance?

“ Well, as I attend college I plan on taking classes and possibly audition for a team. I have danced too long to just quit after high school!”

Why do you dance?

“ I dance because I love it! I love to express myself through movement as well as watch others do the same. I like having a “thing” and dance is my “thing”. I have learned so many lessons from this sport in my life and will continue to dance for as long as i can.”