Is Your Relationship Killing You?


By: Gavin Smith-Knott

Relationships. Like it or not, they’re a part of high school, and eventually everybody will be effected by one. And while everybody loves to be liked, sometimes we are blinded by infatuation when the truth is that who you’re with is toxic.

Honestly, if you saw this and thought “Hmm, I wonder…”, then you might be in trouble already. Firstly though, you should identify if you are in a toxic relationship. You might be asking “Well, how do I do that?”, and I have the answers! I’ll get the easy ones out of the way first. If your partner is hurting you physically, TELL SOMEONE. They have no reason to treat you like that, and you need to get away from them ASAP. But, you might be saying, my partner has never hurt me, so therefore there is no reason for me to break up with them right? WRONG.

The majority of toxic relationships include violence, but they also have emotional and verbal abuse as well.

I think that the best way to visualize it is to think about walking on a minefield. You never know where you can step, for fear of, well, blowing up. The same is true for many toxic relationships. If you are afraid of sharing your opinion or criticism for fear of how your partner will react, then that is a TOXIC RELATIONSHIP.

By the way, if you’re reading this and just thinking “man, people who stay in toxic relationships are so dumb”, then let me tell you something. There is so much that keeps people in these relationships that can’t be seen to the naked eye, from fear of their partner to embarrassment, to even loving their partner even after all of the abuse. And that’s why it’s your job to get them out of there!

Somebody’s friends are probably their best shot of actually getting out of an abusive or toxic relationship, so step up people! If you see that your friend is suffering because of their relationship, DO SOMETHING. You need to do whatever you can to help your friend in their time of need, so embrace your inner Shia Labeouf and JUST DO IT!