Relationships Don’t Matter So Much


By Rachel Wilson

I know you’ve been through this. You’re walking through the halls, minding your own business when suddenly, bam, in your face is a couple making out hardcore. And for some reason, this is the norm in high-schools. You could say that the explanation is that we are a bunch of hormone filled teenagers in a small space. While that is also true, the main reason is that relationships are enforced in this day and age. Nowadays, if you haven’t dated anyone yet then you’re strange.  Love is so thoroughly pursued in this day and age that people mistake a simple crush for being in love.  I know that most of the people I hang out with have believed they were in love at some point in time.

 All I have to say to those people is this: You’re probably not in love. In actuality, you’re most likely just infatuated. There is a term for this too. It’s called: The Cupcake Faze. Basically, you and your partner are all up in each other’s face every day saying “I love you” in every other sentence. My advice is, stop. Don’t immediately start saying I love you because in all honesty, you probably aren’t. And you should wait until you’re sure of your feelings to actually think about being in love with them. Always try to take things pretty slow if you can and verify your feelings. By “verify your feelings” I don’t mean that you should break up with them after you discover bad habits about them. Relationships and love are based on feeling and if you’re able to accept the person you’re with, you’re good.

 Another thing I see a lot are people who can’t make up their mind about who they want. They have several options and they don’t ever just pursue one. While it is good in the beginning to pursue as many options as you want, don’t keep your options strung along with a long time. You need to choose because people can and will lose interest and get annoyed if you tell them that you’re interested in them but then they contradict yourself and continue to flirt with other people. Make up your mind about what you want and how you want it, then go for it.

 In high-school, there is a lot of drama. Logically this is because there are hundreds of teenagers crammed in one small building, being forced to work hard for 8 hours and then are sent home with 4 hours of homework. This is not including extra-curricular clubs and events. And of course, with rising stress and hormones comes the need for a relationship. So with these factors come best-friends turning on each other because one cheated on their boyfriend with the other’s boyfriend. In actuality, it’s more like guys fighting with guys over girls and just plain dating. I’m not even gonna mention the drama that comes with being LGBTAQ+. However, I urge you if you’re a teenager in high school to stop constantly search for a partner so much that you end up fighting with your friends over a potential date. Seriously, ya thirsty. Chill. Be content with being single. You don’t really have to date people in high school. You can just do you.

 Anyways, those are my thoughts and advice on high school dating. Listen to me if you want.