1. a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college,

characterized by a decline in motivation or performance.

2. “I try not to let my grades suffer from my senioritis”

Throughout history, seniors have been regarded with an quiet awe; A subtle mystique if

you will. It’s an almost well deserved reputation, with all the movies and pop-culture (See:

Breakfast Club, Mean Girls, Super Bad,10 things I hate about you, etc) that revolve around the

god-like upperclassmen. But, as a senior myself, I’m going to break a harsh reality to you: It

sucks. Like, a lot. What you see in the movies, all the adventures, musicals and

misadventures and general ‘cool kid’ wacky shenanigans, will never, ever, happen.


The life of a senior sucks, completely and utterly. Sure, the underclassmen ‘look up to

you’, and you ‘win’ all the events at the spirit bowl, but what difference does that make when you

are constantly stressed out because of finals, college applications, work, and the impending

thought of actually growing up and being a (hopefully) productive member of society?

Look, this may sound like me complaining,  but it’s not. It’s me telling you to lower the standards that you have spent so long cultivating and honing.

It’s making my life- our lives- completely and utterly agonizing. To expand on this point, I’m sure

that you’ve heard of the term ‘senioritis’? Yes, well I have to things to say about it: One, the

suffix of itis isn’t the correct terminology, and two, isn’t it kind of sad that we have a term for the

inability to focus, to concentrate, to be able to do anything besides lounge around, watching

Netflix and enjoying a vanilla coke in your sweats? Seriously?