Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. McHugh


 Mrs. McHugh is one of the many amazing English teachers working at Westlake High School. She loves to meet her students and create good teacher-student relationships with them. She loves watching her students grow and morph throughout the school year. This is her third year teaching English here at Westlake, she found out about the wonderful opportunity to work here from an older principal at another school.

Some people don’t realize that Mrs. McHugh used to work in a bookstore; she loves to match people to books. She has a degree in English and has loved teaching it. When she was little she was a complete tomboy, filling her life with baseball, horseback riding, hiking, and of course creating stories and writing. She hated being inside, the only time she would be found indoors was when she was reading, writing, or eating. Scabby knees were consistent for her outdoor life.

Some books she currently is reading are We Should All Be Feminists, Audacity, and The Winter Vault. When Mrs. McHugh is happiest she is with her family, hiking, reading, or sitting on the beach. Some advice she would love to share with any young potential English teachers; “Don’t sweat the small stuff. Keep a good humor in the classroom. Get to know and love the students. Keep good connections with the students.”