Things Westlakers Do


by Kaitlin Gray

Okay, so Westlake likes photography accounts and photoshoots. But the truth is that not all of us are the next Hannah Price, Lauren Chaney, or Bryan Chow– although it seems like all of Westlake has been drinking the same hobby-inducing water to try and follow in these photographer’s admirable footsteps. To be a proper student at WHS must you really own a nice camera and “Possess the Power” from behind a viewfinder alone? Is playing on the boy’s football or basketball team the only ticket to popularity? Do we have to look at the Polynesian boys for dance moves at every single dance?

At some point, individuality has morphed into a mold– the “Westlaker”– that our student body is trying desperately to squeeze themselves into.

On Twitter, the Westlakers page (@ThingsWhslikes) has been filled with scenarios that demonstrate stereotypical students at our school attempting to fit this mold. For example, on February 25 this page tweeted that Westlakers “[Tweet] about how much they’re in love with the beach”. A few days later, the source claimed that our entire school was “Tweeting about Leonardo DiCaprio like they’re a proud mom”.

We read it and laugh because it’s totally true. And to an extent, it’s totally awesome.

Our student body is connected and alive with similarities that draw us together. That’s why Westlake is the school we all attend and genuinely love. However, while commonalities have been connecting us, our differences, meanwhile, are slowly drawing us apart.

News Flash, Westlake: you don’t have to be on Student Council to have people look up to you. People are watching you from wherever your place is on the social todem pole. You don’t have to go to the gas station to take pictures with your squad, or feel like you have to ask your date to the next dance at an assembly just so that you can fit in with everyone else. Lots of people do those things, and they’re fantastic– I mean, who doesn’t love Student Council or thoroughly enjoy a creative promposal? The bottom line is that you don’t have to be those people.

Trends are called trends for a reason; they don’t last. Make the most of who you are by choosing to be your own type of person. Take confidence in who you are, what you’re involved in, and the very fact that you are a student here at WHS. Without you, Westlake wouldn’t be the diverse and exciting school that we know it to be. Our school literally wouldn’t be complete.

You don’t have to try be a true Westlaker: you already are a true Westlaker, and you always have been.