Westlake Boys Tennis ‘Aces’ their Grueling Season


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Hiding our faces from the sports teams at Lone Peak isn’t going to be such a norm after the success Westlake has been bringing home this year. It’s no surprise that girls across the school are practically fainting at the feet of masculine athletes (sorry tech crew, ballroom, and choir kids– you’re going to have to step it up).

Football and basketball have obviously delivered a healthy dose of school pride to our student body. And we should be feeling a pretty proud wind of tennis respect coming on, too.

As one of the least supported sports at the school, tennis-related gossip doesn’t get around much. To the average student, it might come as a surprise to learn that tennis has been on a winning streak the past several weeks. According to Tate Hertzler, one member of the boys’ team, we even have a good chance of “beating Riverton later this week, and Herriman next week”– for the second time this season.

“We’ve been doing a lot better than I thought we would,” remarked Parker Cherrington, a senior player on this year’s Varsity team. “Last year we only won one match, and we lost six out of seven Varsity players to graduation.” This year, however, has been dramatically opposite as the team has slowly taken home win after win: providing many with a newfound sense of love and passion for the game.

Hertzler noted that boys on the tennis team have created durable bonds this season; undoubtedly, their long hours of matchplay in rain and snow have brought them closer than ever before. Although tennis is an individually based sport, “we always work together as a team and have a lot of fun together,” he says.

There’s only one problem left to face as the tennis season draws to a close: the ever-decreasing numbers in school support. “It’s fun to see people there,” Cherrington says, “because it really reminds you of the school you’re playing for and the purpose you have for playing hard.”

So: want to hit up the next tennis match, anyone?

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