Guess Who’s Back?


Oh yes, yes we are back at this again. This “thing” we call school.

Initially, when I walked into Westlake on the first day of school (senior year, yo!) my first thoughts were first, “Why isn’t this Hogwarts?” then second, some very colorful words, and complaints. Mainly because there are over 3000 students at our school, now I know how sardines feel in a can. (check that off the bucket list!)

But of course walking in on the first day of school, and seeing all your pals, is like a throwback to the last LOTR movie, with Frodo and his crew.


Seeing your pals, almost makes it worth it to endure 9 months of school, and also the fact that if you pass your classes you go to college, and make some dough. Or live with your parents for the rest of your life, whatevs.

All jokes aside, school can be a stressful place, where most likely your happiest moments are not of you sitting at a desk for 7 hours. But, just get into this new school year with some optimism, maybe this is the year where you finally get an A in math, or you meet some of your best friends, or even win a rap battle. Whatever it is, be hopeful. We can all get through this. If I can deal with babysitting 4 kids for 7 hours and only receive 20 dollars (AHEM GIVE ME SOME MONEY) you can handle this school year. And don’t just tolerate it, actually enjoy it, I’ve got some fantastic friends on Student Council (SHOUT OUT!) who have planned some great activities for us, so, show up! Our teenage years only last so long, so embrace it. Go to the canyon and eat marshmallows, sacrifice a llama, learn how to play the mandolin, memorize all the Harry Potter spells, crash Homecoming as a siamese cat, or do other things with your friends,  just enjoy it.

And you’ll have a fantastic year.