Braden Dose: The Career and Beginnings Of A One Of A Kind Musician


By Jacob Larrabee

The first official band of Braden Dose, Ghosts, started in September of 2014 with Braden Dose on guitar and Andrew Gonzalez on bass. They both share the role of vocals, accompanied by Tristan Hoffman on drums.

The band has gone through multiple drummers, vocalists, keyboardists and guitarists, some of those members include Spencer Raleigh, Kobe Woodhouse, Sydnie Healy, Hannah Berdan, Bryson Monson, and Carson Bos. But, “Ever since the beginning, it’s been me and Andrew constantly” (Braden Dose).

When asked about Ghost’s genre in an interview, Braden replied, “We went to punk, back to indie, and back to punk again, and then grunge. We actually considered ourselves grunge pretty much our entire career.” The band initially started as an indie band that turned to a folk band, and from there they began their career in the indie, punk, and grunge genres.

With a limited release of one album and three singles, this band’s success seemed to be headed to a good start, but in early fall of 2016 the band broke apart, due to the members moving to places distant from each other.

Braden told interviewers that he certainly plans on being in more bands in the future.

Braden Dose continued his career in music with his start of several solo projects, including Sitcom Arch Nemesis, Vaporwave Robotech, The Great Lakes, and a new unnamed project that is said to be a mix of folk punk and acoustic emo.

An interesting genre that Braden has become somewhat of a professional in is shoegaze. When asked about what got Braden into shoegaze he said, “Everything just kind of pointed to it, I have always been a fan of the sound of static, ever since I can remember. When I was a kid I would turn the TV to the static channel just listen to the noise. I’ve always been a fan of atmospheric indie and from there shoegaze just kind of found me. It’s almost kinda sacred to me. Like, I don’t want anyone to really make it a big deal and I don’t want shoegaze to become mainstream, radio-friendly music. Then it would lose its sacredness.

“I think the band that totally got me completely and hopelessly lost in the world of shoegazing though, other than my lifelong love of white noise, is probably Alt J. You can hear their shoegaze influences and it echoes around.

“The thing with shoegaze though is that it’s almost impossible to find yourself. You don’t find it. It finds you.”

And as the music career of Braden Dose continues, perhaps this is the birth of a music legend. Only time will tell.