Christmas Break Shorter this Year!?





By Anna Liu


What happened to that other week that we’re supposed to have off?

The school year is like swimming across an ocean– a shark-infested one. Dodging those teeth and keeping your head above water can be difficult, but thankfully there’s an island of rest halfway: Christmas Break.

This year, though, something is different. Our island has shrunk. The school’s two weeks of relaxing has been cut down to one week, and we’re all wondering why. Why? WHY?!?!

Students and teachers alike are absolutely devastated that their Christmas break has been shortened. This year there will be less sleeping in and going on trips in December, instead we’ll all be watching the second hand tick on the clock in first period.  Why should our enjoyment be cut short, just because Christmas is on a Sunday and New Year’s happens to fall within the same week?

Perhaps we will get something good out of this change. However, until Christmas break is back to two full weeks next year, we will have some unhappy students.


Illustration by Maddy Van Buskirk