School Hacks


Have you ever found yourself dozing off in class? I know I have. Here are 3 ideas to beat boredom.


By Annabelle Petersen


Have you ever found yourself dozing off in class, not at all engaged in the discussion? Or maybe you find yourself daydreaming about your crush, or a new book you want to read. If you have experienced this or something similar, these hacks are for you! I’m about to cover all the things you need to know about staying awake and engaged in the classroom.

  1. Staying engaged in class: Every student has that one class they can barely make it through without falling asleep. Why not try making that class a little more fun?

One thing you can do is make a rainbow highlighter for when you take notes. To make this, you need a yellow, blue and pink/ red highlighter. Press the red/pink one on one tip of the highlighter for about ten seconds. Then do the same with the blue, but on the bottom tip. The pink/red should blend with the yellow to create orange, and the blue and yellow will create green! A perfect little rainbow to spice up your notes!

  1. Limit destractions: In order to actually learn something, you need to be as focused as possible. How about putting those headphones away?

I know it might sound hard, but as soon as you get to class, try to put away your earbuds and phone and don’t touch them for the whole class. Unless there’s an emergency, avoid becoming distracted by your electronics. This will help you focus on the teacher and not on something else.

  1. Participate: Participating may not be your thing, but try to ask questions. This will help you stay engaged, and the teacher’s more likely to like you.

Yes, participating seems like an obvious one for some people, but why aren’t people participating? Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Teachers love going in-depth with you on how something works or why something is a certain way. If you ask questions, teachers will tend to like you more too.


If you have any additional suggestions, let me know in the comments below! Let’s see how we can better engage a half-sleeping Westlake…