Sophomore Survival Guide


by Laren Cunningham


High School can be tricky when you first start. New school, new people, and new rules. It can be a lot to handle when you’re a sophomore. So here are some tips on how to survive your first year of high school.

The main thing is learning how to get through the crowds. There’s a lot more people at the high school then there is at the middle school. The key is go with the flow. Find one person who’s pushing through and kind of just follow behind that person until you get where you need to go. If you want to be daring, you can push through the crowds yourself. Don’t stop in the middle of the halls to talk to your friends. You can do that in class or at lunch. It just makes it harder for everyone else to get to class and therefore making everyone hate you. So please don’t stop in the middle of the hallway to talk to friends. Just walk, it’s not that hard. There is a time and place for talking but the five minutes between class is not that time. “I hate it when others make it hard for me to get to class by stopping in the middle of the hallway or walking really slow. I don’t want to be late and they make it so that there’s a good chance I will be late.” Rachel tells me in her interview.

When taking hard classes, there can be difficult homework. The best way to get through tough homework is to get help. There’s teachers or friends that are willing to help you understand and get through the material. It’s better to get help then not being able to figure it out and either turn in the assignment late or fail the test because you didn’t know the material. “I have a tutor who comes over every now and then that helps me do my chemistry homework because I struggle. Since he started helping me, my grade in chemistry has gone up and i’m not failing my tests as much. So it’s been a huge help.” says a student from westlake high school.

High school isn’t as hard as you make it. You just have to find the secrets and “cheat codes” to high school. As you go along it gets easier, maybe a little harder but hard isn’t always a bad thing.