Why You Should Be Involved


High School won’t last forever. . . So enjoy your high school years while they last and don’t waste ’em!

by Stephen James


High school has always been a mix of cliques, ideas, and people. There’s so many different options out there that it can be hard to decide what you want to do, and you may not even know what you’d enjoy or be totally in to. But I’m here to tell you: do something. It doesn’t matter what, just do something, anything! Your high school years won’t last forever, so no matter how cool you feel or how much you don’t fit in, be involved! Go to the football games, ask people to the dances, and have some fun! You won’t be a kid forever; enjoy it while it lasts and don’t waste it!

Fast forward twenty years. You’re in your late thirties and finally dejunking your house. As you delve deep into the boxes of your basement, your kids approach, a handful of dusty books in their hands. You smile as you recognize your high school yearbooks. The family gathers around you as you flip open the stiff pages.

You turn through the sports teams, faded smiles gleam up at you. Your children hungrily search the pages, not finding anything. You go past Band, Drama, clubs, and still nothing. Finally, you reach the section titled Student Life. You’re bound to be in here.  Pictures of football games, dances, and activities go by. You silently wonder if you ever even went to any of these.

Your bored kids wander away as you keep looking. You reach the portion of the book where all students are pictured. Locating the small thumbnail image of you, you give a disappointed sigh that it’s all you have to remember high school by. Closing the book, you think, what did I do in high school?

Rewind back to now. No matter how boring it seems or how important that TV show is, don’t give up these fun years! In twenty years who’s going to remember what you were doing at home? No one!

So, I’m here to say, go out for a sport. Join a club. Go to the dances and football games. Have fun! Don’t think you don’t belong. Do something! After all, you won’t have the chance forever.

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