Homecoming Night feat. Colin Firth


Spoiler Alert: The real party isn’t at Westlake


by Kylee Raventos and Lauren Allred

Evening approaches on the night of Homecoming. Anxious but excited teenage boys fill the streets in their moms’ minivans, taking the corners way too fast in an attempt to get to all 6 houses of their dates at the same time (because evidently, they didn’t plan on the 10 minutes spent at each house on pictures, giddy mothers, and stern fathers who look at them like a predator assessing prey).

When the cars are finally full and those first few moments of awkwardness pass, the groups drive (a little slower now that the girls are in the car) to dinner with anticipation of a fun night.

Meanwhile, as the sound of scraping metal echoes through the neighborhoods, and minivans carelessly go over bumps in the road, a few girls (including myself) cautiously crawl out of safe houses and hurry to their own adventures. Dressed in sweatpants and the comfiest t-shirts available—nothing similar to a fancy dress, but likewise enjoyable—and hair hanging in tangled, messy waves, there’s a skip in every step which strides toward the real party.

The real party? Yep, you heard me.

Any initial feelings of sadness I had upon not being asked to Homecoming soon passed as my friend’s house came into view around the corner. A car full of friends on their way to Olive Garden zoomed by and waved. I wave right back, happy for those friends without an inkling of jealousy. Memories of laughter and treats and fun nights with my girl friends served to assure that I, too, could have an enjoyable night.

Although school dances like Homecoming are part of a positive high school experience, there’s also tons of fun to be had if you aren’t asked. Don’t feel bad!

If you are one who will be sitting this one out, maybe you can relate. If you’ve not had the pleasure of fangirling over Channing Tatum on school-dance weekends, let me enlighten you. The floor is most likely covered knee-deep in soft blankets, bean bag chairs, and plush pillows (that look like microwaved popcorn) 3 miles deep. There are outbursts of squeals and groans as squirming girls in their blankets watch Colin Firth, who is tormented by his love of his Elizabeth Bennet. He demonstrates his bold fencing stance as a glorious lock falls perfectly between his brows– more squealing.

The soft clink of glasses celebrates independent spirits, as the distant voice in the back of our minds tells us that this is a lot of fun. (But, you may still want to avoid all social medias for the next week or so.)

Laughter can peak under the depths of cozy blankets as girls discuss crushes and tease each other. Pillows can be thrown. When the occasional picture of a friend’s Homecoming dress pops up on someone’s screen, everyone can squeal a bit more about how cute it is.

Soon, amidst the smiles and delicious treats and achingly adorable 6 hour version of Pride of Prejudice, it will cross your mind that it isn’t so bad to miss out on a school dance. If you are a girl who isn’t asked, be it now or in the future, remember that enjoying yourself with friends is more fun than silly boys anyway. 

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