Human Equivalent of Aquaman Named The Son Of Thor

(Ryan Casey/

Written by Rachel Wilson

To be fair, a lot of events at this school are amazing. However, when I went to the Son of Thor, I was absolutely amazed in how organized and well thought out everything was.

If you don’t know what the Son of Thor event is, it’s basically a talent show between one guy nominee from every club. 17 nominees entered, and only one left as the Son of Thor. Between guys who played guitar, tap dancers, and even synchronized swimmers, the judges had a lot to consider.

We started off with an athletic event, the guys lining up to face off against each other. In the center of the gym was a large inflatable platform. Two guys were handed an inflatable tube and asked to knock the other off. The rounds went by way too quick, as gentlemen lost their balance quickly. One round couldn’t even get started because both contestants couldn’t stand on the platform without falling off within two seconds. The audience couldn’t stop laughing and neither could I.

After that debacle was done, it was time for the talents. Each man had something interesting to offer. I could go on and on, but lets keep this a bit short.

First up was Ryan Abney with his boy band kicking up a storm. With every dance move, I saw at least ten girls swoon and sigh. Those men stole the hearts of many in the audience. Next up was a sad and solemn talent as Carson Bos played out an Ode To Harambe, followed by saying goodbye in Harambe’s native language. Ooo ooo, aah aaah, Harambe. Ooo ooo, aah aaah aaaah. After these fabulous men were talents like guitar, piano, rap, and even a singing quartet let by Michael Ellefson.

Things quickly became more interesting with Brock Payne’s jazzercise type of dancing and Kimball’s synchronized swimming. The synchronized swimming being particularly interesting, since there was no pool for them to swim in. Instead there was only a blue tarp. My absolute favorite among all of these talents was Jake Tippetts’ Preparing A Salad, in which he beautifully prepared a salad right before our very eyes. I was impressed.

In the end, five of the seventeen contestants won five different awards (One of them being the Son of Thor award).  Jonathan Webb won Crowd Pleaser, because of his adorable dance with a little child. Not sure if she’s related to him or not, but needless to say it was cute. Kapono Rokobuludrau won Mr. Congeniality, which is the award for the kindest person participating. Second Attendant was won by Zac Vongphakdy and First Attendant was won by Jake Tippetts A.K.A. Salad Guy.

Last but certainly not least, the Son of Thor was won by a man of great integrity. A man filled with the creativity, strength, and character that is required to be the Son of Thor. This man is like Aquaman, only more super and less aqua… it’s Kimball Peterson.

We had a lot of good contestants this year. I’m sure the judges had a hard time deciding. But in the end, if you had fun, you won. and all’s fair in the Son of Thor.