Q: Where can I find a boyfriend???


A: This question is one of paramount importance to young female Asgardians everywhere. I’m sure a similar question is asked by the men: “Where can I find a girlfriend?“– so this applies both ways. It can be difficult, and exponentially maddening, with all of the flesh in the galaxies to find a boyfriend or girlfriend. Recently, in an attempt to answer this question for myself, I decided to go straight to the expert: Waldo’s girlfriend. In an interview Ms. Wenda (girlfriend), I asked her how she found Waldo. She reported that, on no small number of occasions, she has searched far and wide for her man. In her own words, she explained that this process “can be tough. . . especially when you’re looking for a boyfriend like mine. It seems as though boyfriends like to hide from you, and avoid you at all costs. Sometimes it gets confusing as well, because other people will pretend to be your boyfriend, and they’re totally just playing you.” The same can be applied to girlfriends, Wenda presumed.

If you are looking for your boyfriend or girlfriend and cannot seem to find them anywhere, consider the fact that they are perhaps hiding from you. I have included some resources to further your romantic success and guide you in becoming an expert relationship seeker.

If you are merely wondering why you are still single after searching so very long for a boyfriend/girlfriend, see the “Why Am I Single?” quiz at http://www.seventeen.com/love/love-quizzes/a7802/why-am-i-single-quiz/.

If you would like to see a bank of girl/boyfriends waiting to be found, hiding in plain sight, visit eharmony.com. If you are in the FFA, visit farmersonly.com.

To further your research on this topic, please visit http://www.wikihow.com/Get-a-Boyfriend for tips on how to create a relationship.


May the power be ever in your possession.


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