The Media Center


By Alyssa Rapp

The Media Center a magical place where you can find a new world. While most people would think that this just means books, there is actually much more available in our library than paper titles alone. The Library has a selection of audio books, and video games for Wii, Xbox, and PlayStation. Before and after school and during lunch, chess sets are even available to for check out with a student ID card. (If you’d like to challenge Mr. Edwards to a game of chess, he’s always down.) There are study rooms before and after school, as well as during lunch for quiet or group studying. The Media Center is open Monday from 7:00 am to 1:30 pm, and Tuesday through Friday from 7:00 am to 2:45 pm. Please note: when visiting during class time, you are required to check in with a note from your teacher or sign in at one of the check in computers.

Computers are offered in the Media Center so that students may complete assignments and print them off. Because Westlake High School has an account with Overdrive, all students of Alpine School District also have access to thousands of ebooks and audiobooks– just log on to a computer and enjoy! You can check out 2 books for 2 weeks, and after that 2 week period the books are automatically returned. No late fees, no worries.

Your student ID number is required when checking out anything from the library. Three fiction or nonfiction books are allowed to be checked out, and are rented for a 2 week period. After that, 10 cents a day is fined to your account for anything that is not returned. Video games, textbooks, and reference books may only be checked out for one day, with a 25-cents-per-day fine after the first day it isn’t returned.

The Media Center gets new books regularly. They watch constantly for new releases of books in any popular series, as well as popular upcoming authors. They’ll take book requests from students and teachers. Because there is a story for everyone, literature is a matter of interest that cannot exclude variety; likewise, literature that hooks reluctant readers and keeping them reading is a truly wonderful thing. Don’t be afraid to recommend a book!

“My opinion about reading? Reading is beneficial in our life because it furnishes relaxation to our mind and soul. Reading increases people’s vocabulary and spelling, and a large number of people who read are articulate. Reading improves the thinking process requiring readers to think and imagine. Those who read are known as profound people and most likely to be successful,” reported Stephanie North, one of our Media Center Assistants. She likes the motto that says, “No entertainment is so cheap as reading, or any pleasures so lasting” (Montagu).

“It is so very hard for me to pick a favorite author. I enjoy many different writing styles, genre and intriguing stories. The author that really got me excited about reading is Louis L’amour. I am a country girl, I enjoy horseback riding and the solitude it brings so reading his western stories brings me back to the enjoyment I feel horseback riding.” 

If you’re looking to access the power of the library from the web, take a quick visit to Here, you can view your checked out books, place books on hold, renew the things you’ve checked out, and research book recommendations tailored to your interests. Simply log in with your student ID and last name. 

There is a wealth of knowledge available to you right in this very moment. What’s holding you back from discovering it? Visit the library today. Unveil something extraordinary.