Activated Personalities: A System of the Past


by Mikki Rey

Activated personalities are a thing of the past and encouraged for the future.  Activated personalities involve having a passion and using all the resources around to make that said passion a defining milestone. Without a doubt in mind, an activated personality is taking a part of what makes you, you. A dream or talent can be a part of that personality and maturing that talent, furthering that dream as if it is the one thing that provides the motivation for your everyday life. If you have a talent as an athlete or musician, you want to become better: but what activates that personality is the time and effort you put into the furthering of that talent. More importantly, our personality makes us who we are and we become powerful and dignified when we activate that goal setting, goal accomplisher within.

In a time of entitlement and impatience many start something, get tired of it, then forget about the project or just quit. A lot of the past generation, aka our parents, say we have lost the value of work and thereby the value of material objects. This is absolutely true. When you work hard for your money you become more protective of how you spend it, and when you do that food tastes better, those shoes help you perform better, that video game was worth the money, that camera capture the moments perfectly, everything is heightened. You love sports, you love theater, you love programing, you love music, you love people, you love academics, you love reading, you fill in the blank. What are you doing to activate those talents, aspirations, or goals? Are you becoming a pro binge-er on netflix, an avid snapchat model, or are you just hoping to slide by in the halls hoping nobody recognizes you? Maybe your family is struggling, you just lost a loved one, you live with a mental disorder, you feel like an outcast, or maybe you get everything handed to you on a platter and have no idea how you are going to survive in college.

No one in the school halls knows how you go about your life because they haven’t had to deal with your past problems, your current situation, or your future goals. Does school make it easier? You want to do something with your life but you are stuck in a class that doesn’t even have to deal remotely with what you want to be an expert in. Our world is rapidly growing and technology is just apart of everyday life. Schools need to prepare for us for life, granted yes you get the life’s-not-fair-so-just-deal-with-it side of school, but what about the neuropsychologist inside you, or that bio-mechanic, or that journalist? Common core is a thing of the past. The world talks about diversity and creativity, but that is the same world that determines how smart you are based on a letter grade in the same classes everyone is required to take. What about a class about how to treat others in a world where one in four people deal with a mental disorder or a class that teaches you how to pay off debt and do taxes?

Think of that personality inside of you that needs to be activated, but now it is chained up by doubts and is squandered by a system who tells a programmer and an athlete that they have to take the same classes. What you want to be is important so stop having this attitude that you don’t deserve that goal. Activated personalities can rise up from the ashes of a common core system. Make time for your goals and aspirations and go beyond the system of the past, even if it won’t change.