BREAKING NEWS: Spring Musical Change


You may have heard rumors around the school, so I’m here to tell you straight. The spring musical had been changed from Seven Brides For Seven Brothers to The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.  The musical can and will not be changed back. I am very sorry if you love Seven Bride and were excited to be in it or see it, but this article’s purpose is to give the facts. I will not be giving my opinion or anyone else’s on the subject.

Mrs. Morry gave the news to her classes first. I have her A4, so I was there when she relayed her announcement to my class. She then explained that Hale Center Theater West Valley is in fact producing Seven Brides and according to Musical Theater International, within 100 miles, a professional theater has first pick of any musical. Mrs. Morry sent out her contract for the script earlier this year, but after Christmas break, it was sent back. The only way to put on a musical is to have permission to use the script, which is copyrighted, and getting it any other way is illegal. Mrs. Morry will not up on an illegal play. Her words, not mine.

So if Mrs. Morry had gotten the news earlier, it would have been a different situation, yet because of how late the school got the memo, we already had the costumes. This is a big deal. Costumes are expensive if you are renting them from either another school or Hale, or time-consuming and expensive if you have costume ladies making them. My mother does costumes, so I would know. If you don’t already know, Seven Brides is set during the 1800’s in Oregon. Think wild west. The costumes are floor length dresses, farmers clothes, and cowboy gear. Do you get what I’m getting at? Now, Mrs. Morry had to choose a new play, and it has to have the same style of clothing.

Tom Sawyer is set in the 1800’s and the clothes are very hillbilly. The costumes will work for the play. For you drama geeks, like me, there is a lot more female roles than Seven Brides and there is strong male roles too. The ensemble is more prominent than Seven Brides, well any play has a bigger role for ensemble than Seven Brides. I only heard this information from Mrs. Morry, so if you want more, please ask her or google it.

Please don’t spread rumors. And if you do, at least know all the facts first. As I said before, I am not giving my opinion on what I think, I just want everyone to know the correct story. And, anyways, go see the play! I’m sure it’s going to be amazing no matter what it is. Who knows? Maybe you’ll like it. Hmm, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, sounds… interesting.

What do you think?

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