Got Respect?

Thought so. If you want to get respect, you've got to give it.


by Sydney Rowley

Do we as humans truly know what it means? Do we as a whole realize the great responsibility it means to be respectful.? No matter which way the wind blows, someone doesn’t like it.

To show respect is to be kind, to be loving? Or is to to be nothing at all? Can one respect the quiet without disrespecting the loud? Is there a way to please both sides? Respect is shoved down our throats all our lives, but does anyone swallow? We are always told to respect others, things and yourself, but never are told what it is.

All these questions float around, but are never able to be answered. Not a single human is capable of saying one thing is wrong without making another feel disrespected. The uncomfortable conversation that has not taken place, divides us at the nucleus of our existence, gradually expanding into the whole of the nation. With this unrest, the world becomes defiant; one will not listen, or respect, the values of another for they do not think it is right. When one feels like they aren’t getting the respect they deserve, they escalate the problem and making the world an inferior place.

Productivity cannot be achieved without respect. A yearning pupil cannot fully grasp the lesson without mutual respect. Think of this: an entire classroom full of young students who look up to their teacher as if they hold the key to life. Do they have respect? Or do they subconsciously know the teacher has their future in his or her hands, so they obey. The lesson of respect gets tainted by the ink of obedience. Respect and obedience are not the same thing. One does not have to have respect, to obey, and the perpetual motion of unsatisfied lives continue.