Here Is Where You Belong


by Marissa Smart

This past summer I hiked Mt. Timpanogos, which is approximately 11,752 feet in the air. After four hours of climbing, this is what I saw (pictured below). Beautiful, and eye-opening.

I watched people mindlessly go through their daily to-do lists. People driving place to place without any real direction or purpose. People completing the same tasks they did yesterday, because that is what is expected. This, to me, is disgusting and let me explain why.

We are merely a speck in the vast expanse of the universe. In everything that really counts we as humans don’t really matter all that much to the Earth around us. The universe doesn’t need us for itself, since regardless of our existence it would still keep spinning. We are so small that looking down from 11,752 feet we are not even visible– let alone recognizable. But guess what? Regardless of how small we are, the universe decided that it had to have us exist.

The way I look at it, the universe is like a canvas; every person has their unique color to add. If you don’t fulfill what you were designed to do then that portion of the canvas remains gray. The world needs your splash of color to complete the picture. Remember that compelling voice inside you is the universe telling you the purpose of your existence. Have the courage to hold that and never let it go. Don’t become a part of the mindless mass thinking that they have no reason for living.  “You were born an original, don’t die a copy” (John Mason).

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