Society’s Women: What is “Perfect”?


by McKenna Hatch

Today, I go onto my phone and instantly see ads of a “perfect” woman.  There she stands with a perfect tan, perfect height, perfect weight, perfect body shape, perfect clothing, perfect teeth, etc.  I see these standards as impossible to measure up to.

With her flawless skin, contoured face, long curled hair, and striking eyes, she stares down upon me from T.V., online, on huge billboards, and at the grocery store on the magazine rack.  She is everywhere.  She is there to tell me I must look like her and that looks are the only thing that matter.  I am somehow supposed to compare to her, but I don’t.

Society has done a real heck of a job by shoving these unrealistic, fake, and photoshopped standards down our throats.  This advertising targets women of all ages and the effects of this fake-world take their toll.  From eating disorders, to depression, to anxiety, and to low self-esteem, these four negative effects hurt women both physically and mentally.  Confidence in themselves also weakens, and thoughts of never being “good-enough” set in and run their life.  This is absolutely not okay.   

Society screams that being “perfect” is the only way to  live, have fun and be successful.  You must buy this fashion or this designer makeup (that costs the same amount as a car. Just kidding, it’s just really expensive) to fit in.  

What ever happened to being yourself?  Having your own style?  Feeling good about yourself?  Not needing anyone’s approval?  Or even enjoying food?  Come on, it’s ok to eat that pizza.  You don’t need to have someone control your diet.  It is your choice.  It always has been.  

I say that it is time to stop having society or the media control us.  Break the mold, be you.  Decide to be yourself, and honestly, go ahead, eat what you want, wear what you want, wear makeup or don’t, do your hair or don’t, but it is time to just be you and to be confident to take on the world like you are supposed to, by being you.  The world would be so boring if we were all the same.  Surprise them with all the amazing things you have to offer.  You can do this!

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