Time: A Poem


Katie Whittier


I often wonder why the verdant green of spring

Transforms into the rich auburn of autumn

Before gradually blanching into the dark, winter world,

Or why the sweet flavor of bubble gum

Dissolves into a bland, insipid taste.

I know the melody of a music box only sings for a minute

Before eventually vanishing into the sounds of silence.

Ice cream melts and metal rusts.

Houses burn and flowers wilt.

People leave and loved ones die.

So, there must be a reason why

The early bird wakes at dawn,

And an oyster guards its pearl.

Perhaps, they know that the clock is always ticking,

The river is always running, and the earth is always spinning.

Nothing will remain as it is.

Tomorrow is inevitable.

And maybe, just maybe, they know it’s only a matter of moments

Before the winds of time snuffle out that flickering flame,

And the light they hold so dear

Will be gone….