Celebrity Troubles

LOS ANGELES - 1979: A crowd of paparazzi struggle to take photos of arriving musical celebrity at the annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by George Rose/Getty Images)

by Elora Lyman

Click. Flash. Scream. Click. Flash. Scream.

It repeats over and over, again and again. It happens everyday no matter where they go, or what they do.

Paparazzi and fans suffocated them, in hopes of getting a glance, or hearing a word. Privacy no longer belongs to them.

Many justify their actions saying, “They gave up their privacy, when they became famous.” Is this a written law? Since when do people get their rights taken away? They’re human, too and they have rights, rights that should be protected.

When a fan imposes on them (going as far as to break in their houses and steal things, or rip off the celebrity’s shirt in the airport), the public doesn’t bat an eye, and nothing is done to stop them from doing it again. However, if someone were to do those same things to someone who was not famous, they would be charged for trespassing, breaking and entering, stealing, and even sexual harassment. But, because they’re a celebrity, those that infringe on their rights are quickly excused as over obsessive fans. No one does anything to stop them.

When will this end? When will famous people have the same protected rights as the rest of us?

Click. Flash. Scream. Click Flash. Scream.