FFA Area 5 Contest Results!


by Sarah Leavitt​

On Monday, January 30th, the Westlake FFA went to the Area 5 contest at Salem Hills High School and competed against Payson and Salem Hills High Schools. We competed in a few different categories with pretty great results! Our Parliamentary Procedure Team (Savannah Stephens, Maddie Dunn, Tyson Edmunds, Becky Clegg, Morgan Brady, and Alyssa Wilson) won first place, which means they will be going on to state. We also had 24 students get awarded their State FFA Degree. Those people are- Sydnie Robinson, Khris Jones, Taylor Stamper, Kale Black, Jayce Quibell, Kaili Brown, Tristan Madsen, Jennika Caussey, Emily Frost, Jeremy Spradling, Skyler Shumway, Josiah Merritt, Allie Barnes, Jayden Wiseman, Kalvin Kunze, Cheyenne Manning, Joseph Woods, Nikayla Sampson, Tyler Workman, Blain Crozier, Emmalina Davis, Macenzie Cortes, Chandler North, and Justus Visser.

We were able to have 11 proficiency awards that qualified for the state competition. They are: Kylee Carter with Poultry Production; Jakelyne Devey with Equine Science; Khris Jones with Swine Production Placement; Kole Black with Forage Production, Kole Black with Diversified Crop Placement, Kole Black with Grain Production Placement, Kole Black with Specialty Animal Production; Wyatt Barratt with Agricultural Mechanics Repair and Maintenance Placement; Raleigh Gowans with Diversified Agriculture Production, Raleigh Gowans with Beef Production, and Raleigh Gowans with Diversified Livestock Production.

In the Agri-Science Competition we also had quite a few kids compete. Olivia Roberts/Erica Roberts, Tabbie Jensen, and Jayden Wiseman/Macenzie Cortes competed in Animal Systems. Ian Brucker, Savannah Stephens/Maddie Dunn, and Hagen Leavitt/Porter Hererra competed in Environmental/Natural Resources. Taylor Stephens, Carson Riley, Jessica Calleja/Maya Ahotaelioa, Kayleb Watkins, and Tasha White/Isaiah White competed in Food Processing Product. Landon Arnell, Zoe Hamner/Viviana Laverede, Josiah Merritt, and Emily Frost/Jessica Giles competed in Plant Systems. Kyle Heer, Courtney Schiess/Virginia Roth, Skyler Shumway, and Khris Jones/Chase Allgood competed in Power Structures. Wyatt Clegg, Morgan Brady/Suzanne Gibson, Hanna Miller, and Becky Clegg/Taylor Stamper all competed in Social Systems.

This year we also had 5 students get Star Greenhand Awards. Alyssa Wilson–Star Greenhand in Production. Jace Mecham–Star Greenhand in Placement. Jace Strickland–Star Greenhand in Agri-business. And Suzy Gibson–Star in Agri-science.

We are so proud of all of our FFA members that are accomplishing their goals and being rewarded for it. The chapter would like to thank Mr. Gowans, Mr. Bevan, and Ms. Baadsgaard for all that they do to help us!

A photo of Westlake students from the Area 5 competition.