Life is Tough, But So Are You


by Mikki Rey

I have always wanted to be like the people in the movies that I spend time watching. To be as cool as Bond, as daring as Bryan Mills, as witty as Tony Stark, as loving as Leigh Anne Tuohy, as spontaneous as Rod Kimball, as unforgettable as the Titans. On the other hand, you can look around Westlake and see so many qualities in others that are worth striving to develop. To be as dedicated to studies as Kennedy Lincoln, as funny as Zac Bradshaw, as bold as Jacob Paxman, as kind as Maddy Leavitt, as punny as Ryan Abney, and as caring as the staff of Westlake trying to help us through high school. In a school of over 3,000 students it is not hard to see the good in others and the difference they make in others. Everyone would like to think they’ll make a difference and the truth is they already have and continue to do so. High school is rough, but knowing that I have the chance to be around our student body makes the experience more bearable.

As you might have seen previously, I have a fascination for movies. Life is made of favorites, a favorite artist, athlete, band, book, candy, color, the accumulation of your favorites make you who you are. My favorites make me a spunky knowledge-seeking, music- loving teenager. When you pick out what you love doing and then realign what you love doing with what you are actually doing, you are more focused on things of importance.  I, for example, should probably put off the hours of social media and spend more time on practicing my musical instrument. Music is a big deal to me so I need to spend more time on the talents I have. Social media can be ok but I don’t need to have a focus around that. Life is made of so many things and your favorites are a big chunk of you. Life isn’t always just about your favorite things but also how you make each of moment count.


Life is made of significant, little moments. I was 6 years old, a small little tyke who was beyond excited to meet the disney princesses. Disneyland is pretty awesome; you have the teacups, seeing Captain Jack, and hugging Mickey. This moment was a finite moment followed by sirens, ambulances, and large medical bills from broken bones. Broken hearts. A significant moment in my life. I  was small and eager to see the princesses but instead wound up with a compound fracture and in a hospital. I learned each moment is unique and has value whether a good one or one that took a turn to change your life. The movie Inside Out has such an important message. Even though Sadness was very annoying the emotions, Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, and Fear, learned that not every moment is one of joy but that you need the sadness to know the difference when they have those joyous moments. Dwelling on the sadness won’t get you anywhere either. Moments can be turned to memories instantaneously and you can’t let that slide. You have to live each moment for those beautiful memories, to look back and say, “I lived.” High school is but only four years (three if you live in the Alpine School District) so it is normal and healthy to want to have a good time. It’s all about balance. Stick to your studies but don’t overwhelm yourself with it by spending an hour on a single problem. Get homework done by Friday. If you get homework done before Friday night you won’t have to worry about the chemistry work hanging over you on Sunday night. Make the most of each moment, take pictures, write down the memories, tell the people around you how much they mean to you. Live by doing what you love and remember not every moment is going to be hard. Broken bones can be healed, broken hearts mended. Sometimes there can be a scar but that scar only shows the strength during the hard times.