Pep Talk: Overcoming the Ordinary


by Kathleen Balenzategui

Wake up. Eat. Work. Sleep. Repeat. Then somewhere in between: age, go to school, get a job, maybe get married and have a kid or two. This is the average life it seems. Which is fine if that is what you truly want to do, but why not do something more? Why does most of society think they have to follow this pattern? Does someone have to step in and tell us that it’s okay to have dreams and pursue them?


Making dreams a reality is not impossible or unheard of, it just isn’t common enough. We tend to think that the impossible can only be done by someone else, rather than believing in ourselves. We tend to think that our dreams aren’t “realistic.” In Edison’s time the light bulb wasn’t “realistic.” Michael Jordan’s basketball career wasn’t “realistic.” Apple wasn’t “realistic” and neither was modern medicine. Need I say more? Let’s face it, your goals and ambitions will never fit the mold. I’m not talking small, everyday goals, such as completing your homework before a certain time. I’m talking about the goals that really drive you. You  have the choice to break from the ordinary.The extraordinary were once regular people, until they decided and believed that their dream was worth their effort and time.

If you are waiting for the “right time” to act or to be given the power to achieve, stop. Let me tell you a secret: there will never be a “right time” and power is never given to you, you just take it. No one ever need be average. This is your life, take the freaking reins, darn it! There is no requirement for achieving greatness other than belief in yourself and hard work (which by the way isn’t really work when you are doing something you love).

Everyone has something unique to offer, and unfortunately too many voices are kept silent until the grave. Get up. Do what you need to do, but most importantly do what you love to do. Whether it be cooking, dancing, filming, etc. Keep working, keep grinding. The world needs your voice, ideas, and influence.