Q: How do I deal with depression?


A: I am sorry you are dealing with this right now, and honestly, the way to deal with depression is different for everyone.

Depression is when all the things you never cared about come to light. When suddenly your the ugliest and fattest person ever, plus you have no friends. Your mind plays tricks on you, telling you lies. There must be some sort of chemical that is released into our brains to make us think that crap. It feels like you are sinking into an infinite ocean and you can’t swim. When I was in middle school, that’s how I, too, felt most of the time. That I didn’t matter, that I had no friends and that no one even cared. But then I found a rope in that ocean and I climbed up that rope and made it to the surface of that ocean. And I saw the most beautiful sunset that all that time I had been missing. The “rope” for me was multiple things: my parents, some true friends, and acting.

Once I finally found my passion, it helped me get out of the unswimmable ocean of depression. You too can find your rope in your own unswimmable ocean, find your passion and go towards the sun.

Look for ways to lean on those around you, trust advice from loved ones, and throw yourself into something worthwhile that makes you happy, even and especially when you don’t really feel like it. Give life your all, and most of all, don’t EVER give up.

Resources for depression: 

Your mom

Your dad

Your school counselor (they are trained to help with this stuff!)



Trusted adults: neighbors, family members, parents of friends, etc.

Hope Squad

This site, which has tons of helpful ideas on how to keep your mind focused on the positive: https://www.helpguide.org/articles/depression/dealing-with-depression.htm (example: go outside, exercise, reach out to others and stay connected with peers, eat more omega-3 fats, figure out ways that help you cope, research depression, etc.)


May the power be ever in your possession, and may you always remember that you are never alone in this battle.



**Editor’s Note: This advice was submitted in part by Paige Whittemund.