Q: Why do jawlines make guys so freaking attractive?


A: This seemingly unimportant facial feature is often overlooked, however, as you and I both know, it is vital in the overall strength and masculinity of a guy. Girls are naturally drawn to guys with this amazing feature, and I think that’s why Mr. Tom Cruise up there gets all the praise in the human world these days. In an interview with my mom, the Queen of Asgard, she couldn’t even put her finger on it, except that the feature was an exceptionally godlike one. 

With an eye roll, I told her, “The ladies think my jawline is really nice, although some say Loki has a better jawline.” (She just laughed at me.)

I mean… HELLO! I’m Thor!!! 

I guess having a strong jawline, regardless of who the guy is, makes him appear stronger. The sharp and distinct line from jaw to chin shows that the guy has discipline. He works hard to eat right, and works out, to not lose such an incredible feature. My brother recently gained over 25 pounds and went from having a really great jawline, to a very round chubby one. Though this may be attractive to some, I find a strong and sharp jawline a key factor in judging the overall attractiveness of a guy. (I mean hello, just look at me.)

Whenever a guy has a sharp jawline, it should automatically be a sign that they are strong and hardworking. I’ve noticed that when boys develop a good jawline it really turns them into men. My mother will even agree that jawlines are very important and “aren’t appreciated enough!” However, if a guy’s bone structure doesn’t exhibit this feature, he still has hope improving other features…

But my claim still stands that the importance of a guys jawline should never be underestimated. This is a Thor versus Loki situation, and we know which is the strongest brother here. 


May the power be ever in your possession, men.



**Editor’s Note: This answer was submitted by Anna Hansen. It is meant to be humorous and non-discriminatory of men, whether they have sharp jawlines or not. 

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