Stepping Up To A Healthy Relationship




Beaten, abused

And feeling confused.

Feeling deceived and wanting to leave.

But was told if I left,

I was destined for death.

Was having a doubt, but saw no way out.

Suicidal thoughts coming to my head,

Because I thought there was no end.

Until one day I saw a chance,

I saw someone who did more than glance

They saw something that I meant to hide,

And came to me with worried eyes.

They said they could help if I would just speak

But I didn’t want them to think I was weak.

I was so glad to finally talk it out,

But I knew if he knew, he would do more than pout.

But I did not care anymore,

Because I knew that I deserved more.

When she heard my story she looked very troubled

And said no human being should be treated like rubble.

So the police came and booked him in jail,

And I hoped that no one would pay his bail.

Eventually I regained my trust,

After years and years of being treated less than dust.

So if you have this problem it cannot go on,

Go get some help so you too can move on.

No one deserves to be in the dark,

Go get help so you can make your mark.

Be like me and rise above,

And know that you are always loved!