We Are Smash Club!


by Payton Hall, Smash Club President 2016-17

Smash Club: the start of something great.

The beginning of the 2016-2017 school year was a crazy one. New classes and fresh outfits. Big school and small sophomores. Amidst all the chaos of education, a few goofy senior boys had a dumb but funny idea to start a club. They had less than a week to fill out the paper work, get the signatures, get a teacher adviser, and get as many people to join their club before everything was solidified. . . Did I mention the board of education had to sign off on it?
The first day more than 50 people signed up for the club, and that was more than any of us could’ve have ever hoped for. The next day, even more people signed their names to be part of the organization. The president (myself) began having a hard time printing off enough sign up forms! The club continued to grow at an alarming rate. These seniors realized that their joke had turned into a real and living thing.
It took the club only one week to reach a whole 200 members. However, the organization didn’t have a nickel to its name, making any idea of an event or activity very difficult. The group of boys did everything they could to raise some money. They participated in the homecoming carnival, they raised money selling tickets to Son of Thor, and eventually the Saratoga Springs McDonald’s even agreed to sponsor the school group. Eventually, they raised enough money to buy a console and a game for the club, which may not sound like a lot, but they turned nothing into something. And that, friends, is what life is all about: using the cards you’ve been given to make the most out of any situation.
And in our situation, we made a club. And that club was Smash Club.
Thank you Westlake for your support!