2017 National FFA Week Celebration at Westlake High

Mayor Pengra of Eagle Mountain City signing the FFA Proclamation at Westlake High School while they celebrated National FFA week.

by Sarah Leavitt

February 19th-25th was National FFA Week, and the Westlake FFA did some fun things to celebrate and show support towards this great week!

On Wednesday we cooked breakfast for all of the faculty and staff. We had pancakes, eggs, hashbrowns, and sausage. The sausage came from our boar at the FFA farm. At this breakfast we also had Mayor Pengra of Eagle Mountain come to sign the FFA proclamation. He was able to eat breakfast and came to support our FFA chapter.

Also on Wednesday, a few of the officers (Tyson Edmunds, Allie Barnes, Sydnie Robinson, Sarah Leavitt, and Alyssa Wilson) went to Vista Heights and talked to the 7th and 9th graders about joining FFA, CDE contests, National FFA Week, and things along those lines.

On Friday, a few more officers (Kole Black, Allie Barnes, Justus Visser, Hanna Miller, Todd Edmunds, Becky Clegg, Garth Heap, Riley Beckstead, and Alyssa Wilson) went to Vista Heights and showed kids how to rope, and roped on roping dummies. Then the Jr. High kids got the chance to rope on the dummy and try to throw the rope themselves.  

Meanwhile back at the high school, other officers had a pie eating contest in the mechanics shop. It was during all three lunches and it was a great turnout! We appreciated all of the support we got from people that came to the contest and ate pie, had fun, and we hope it showed you a little bit about how fun FFA can be!