8 Fool-proof Promposals


By Kari Jex and Emma Fong

Hey boys, it’s that time of year again. Prom. (Lol.) Since all of us girls know you’re procrastinators, we’ve taken the liberty of compiling some of the most successful ways to score Prom dates.

#1 – Everyone loves sweet things, so if you want to get yo’self a bee-utiful girl this is the Promposal for you. Hey honey, wanna go to Prom with me?

To really sell this you’re going to have to acquire a real beehive. Make sure you put it in front of her door or the school… wherever you wanna make a scene.

#2 – If getting a beehive proves difficult, or you end up in the ER (because you’re allergic to bees, whoops), then this is a more practical way to ask: Love is a battlefield. Want to go to the dance with me?

And this is where the creative juices can flow. Bring out the nerf guns, BB guns, paintball guns, the works. (Disclaimer: if done properly, this also may lead to an ER visit.)

#3 – If you’re sick of hospital bills, then we have a (mostly) safe way to ask yo
ur gal to the Prom: 
You and me would make a dynamite pair.”

This may seem cliche, but our version requires real dynamite instead of a lousy poster. For this to pass city firework regulations make sure you DO NOT set fire to the fuse.

#4 – If your date doesn’t mind you talking dirty, this Promposal is right up your alley. I dig you, wanna go to Prom with me? 

This requires a dirty shovel, or two, or three, or five to get your point across.

#5 – If you have huge levels of self confidence, this is a unique way to ask a fellow Westlaker to Prom: I have a monster crush on you.”

And then BOOM, jump out from behind the bushes in a scary costume. (ie. Barney, TeleTubbies, the girl from the Ring, etc.)

#6 – If you happen to have a cold while asking someone to Prom, no worries, use this to your advantage. Prom with you would be sick.”

You’ll want to have a get well card and basket on hand because you’ll probs get your future date sick (no question on that).

#7 – If you’ve gone to Prom before and have some experience in the Promposal department, you want to go big or go home, and you’ve got a pocket full of cash, DO THE FOLLOWING: Prom would be Gucci with you.”


This will only work if you get the girl some real Gucci, none of that Prada crap.

#8 – Now this next genius idea is for the most experienced and daring of male Promposalers. I like it, so imma put a ring on it, obvi.” 

This is in reference to Beyonce’s hit single: Single Ladies. BTW, ring pops are insufficient props for this Promposal.

Now that you have 8 unique ways to ask someone to Prom, there are no excuses. Get out there and sieze the day, boys.


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