Ain’t no party like a Westlake student section



Westlake is known for having some of the best school spirit in the state. Whether it’s the arrive-30-minutes-early-for- a-good-spot football student section, or a state championship basketball student section, we are known as the fans that travel. We are loud. We represent our school with pride. But, it comes with some conditions.

Our student section is there only if its certain games against certain teams on certain days in certain weather only when certain people show up. Think about it. We have this unspoken rule that you always go to Lehi games but when it’s another game, it doesn’t really matter. Why is that? Why have we set these limits for ourselves?

Think about how awesome our school could be if we would ALL support each other in ALL the events and games our fellow peers are involved in. Just because you are unfamiliar in what they are involved in isn’t an excuse to make fun of or ignore them. I know that it may seem like drama kids are weird or that choir kids are crazy, but at the end of the day we are all the same. We attend the same school and that is what unites us.

There are so many kids at our school that put in countless hours perfecting and refining their talents and once it’s time to showcase it for the school, no one shows. How sad is that?

I’m sure a lot of you reading are a part of things that don’t get even a split second under the limelight. And after 3 years of attending Westlake, I can honestly say that I wish I would have been more supportive. Because you guys are amazing! You are what make Westlake so great! I know that it might seem weird to go to some of these events, but honestly sometimes a girls soccer game can be more fun than a packed house for boys basketball.

I promise that you will make so many memories and it will help you enjoy your time even more at Westlake, if you’ll just go support your peers once in a while.

So why not try it?