Beauty and the Beast Movie Review


If you loved the original Beauty and the Beast movie, this movie is perfect for you. The live action version of Beauty and the Beast was absolutely amazing. Going into the movie, I assumed my expectations would be let down because they were so high. I am happy to say all of my expectations were met. All of the questions I had about the original movie were answered. The music was great, the acting was, of course, amazing. If you have not seen it I highly suggest it. Watching it felt like my childhood was coming to life, and the whole movie felt real, like I was there. It sucks you in.

Minor spoilers ahead.

One great thing about this movie is that it answered most all of the questions I had, like why no one in the village could remember the Beast’s castle, what happened to the Beast’s parents and to Belle’s mom, and it showed us that not all objects in the castle were human before. At one part Belle tried talking to a hair brush and Cogsworth very bluntly said, “That’s a hairbrush.” You get to meet the Beast’s parents and see where Belle was born. There were so many more well thought out explanations for everything that happens.

Like in all remakes, Disney added some things into the movie. One thing I liked that they added was that they added aspects in from the actually story. In the real story Belle’s father is a merchant who must journey to a cargo ship he had believed was lost. He asked this three daughters what they wanted him to bring them back and Beauty to bring her a rose. He then stumbled upon the Beast’s castle, finds his rose bush and picks a rose from it. The Beast appears enraged and imprisons him. In the live action version Belle’s father, who is predominately an artist who invents small things, goes to market and asks Belle what she wants him to bring her back. She replies she only wants a rose; when he picks a rose from the Beast’s garden he gets imprisoned for picking it. This small similarity the movie has with the original story is nice because it connects it to where it originally came from. In most Disney movies they take out most of the original story and keep small parts from it. The animated version of Beauty and the Beast was in fact very different from the real story. Bringing back a core aspect in the story adds a sense of familiarity, at least it does to me because I grew up reading the original story. Along with this addition to the story they also added in things from the Broadway musical. There weren’t many songs from the musical added, but one song called “Home” can be heard when Belle enters her room for the first time.

The actual singing was great. Everyone had great voices, although my one complaint is that Emma Watson’s voice is overly auto tuned. It makes her voice sound fake, which I don’t like. My favorite songs were Gaston and the mob song because the voices weren’t as auto tuned. I feel like it discredited Emma’s voice and made me very distracted, though the acting quickly made up for it.

The best actor, in my opinion, was Luke Evans, who plays Gaston. His character development was amazing, and I liked that his character appeared more two faced in the live action than in the cartoon. The cartoon Gaston never tried to appear caring, he was only narcissistic; but Luke Evans had ulterior motives while also being narcissistic. He was much more clever in his tactics to win Belle. In one scene he tries winning over Belle’s father by agreeing to take him to the Beast’s castle, as opposed to throwing Maurice out on the streets. He tries acting nice but quickly looses his temper. This shows how desperately he wants to marry Belle, and it is a very nice change. Emma Watson was, of course, amazing.

One thing I was worried about was the animation, how they were going to make the characters feel and look realistic. They did a great job;I was in amazement by how realistic the characters felt. The Beast’s face was full of hilarious expressions that seemed so human. The number Be Our Guest was full of magic and flying plates that were so fun to watch and I imagine creating that number alone would have taken a lot of time and 3D designers to make. The whole movie blew my mind.

This movie was absolutely fantastic and I recommend it to absolutely everyone. My only problem was the overly auto tuned Belle, but the rest of the movie was perfect. There is so much symbolism and hidden things that seeing it once is not enough. I give this a 9 out of 10.