The Effects of Technology on Society



The world continues to rush onward progressing in Science and Technology. Is this a good thing? Most people would say yes, and originally I would have said so too until I saw the effect that it had on society. When I look around, all I see are people, in a completely new world. The virtual world. They have entirely been taken out of this world, to go live in one that doesn’t exist. This is hurting society! We don’t know how to talk to each other. We don’t convey our emotions through are texts. We need to be able to talk to convey our feeling with our mouths.

This could become an epidemic. We are being infected by the love of technology. Although inherently technology isn’t bad, being close to it and constantly using it causes an addiction. and can lead you to become anti-social. We need human interaction. How will society ever continue to grow if people give up human interaction? Eventually people will be falling in love with robots who will make life easier for them. Feelings are a real phenomenon and should not be meddled with.

Will we as humans know when we need to stop looking at our phones and talk to people? We are becoming lazy as video games become more popular and social media becomes more rampant. I feel that humans will lose the desire to exercise, and we all will become obese and sick. Although I do exaggerate, the concept is true and the reality of the situation is sound.

Technology can be a problem, but as you probably can guess it has been very helpful. World communication has never been simpler. The friends that you used to have that moved away can still contact you through the various social medias and the internet. How nice is that? We are able to ship items throughout the world, especially because of the newly released drones.

Our life can be made much easier through the use of the various technologies that we have. A lot of technology has had a great positive effect on people.  But while these positive effects are great, we must be aware that there are also negative effects. Overall, technology is a very useful tool, but must be used carefully. When you find yourself using technology more than talking to your friends, choose to turn it off.