Compliments in the Hall



A simple compliment was all it took to turn senior Sidney’s day around. Sidney was walking to her Biology class with her friend Maddy when she saw Mr. Bastian, whom she had taken Chemistry with her sophomore year. Chemistry was not Sidney’s best subject and she couldn’t help but feel embarrassed whenever she passed Mr. Bastian in the hall because she didn’t feel like she did very well in his class. But despite those feelings Sidney smiled and said hi. After a brief conversation Mr. Bastian told Maddy that Sidney was a good student because she “tried hard all the time.”

That seemingly simple statement really hit Sidney. She said, “His compliment meant a lot because he had seen me at kinda my worst and still thought I was a good student.”

Maddy Maxwell later told Sidney, “You don’t have to have good grades to be a good student. There are a lot of things that go into it.”

Sidney came away from this experience with “a major confidence boost.” She had learned that even if there were some classes that were hard for her and she didn’t get the grades she wanted, she was still a good student because of the hard work she put in. In the end it was her dedication that really shone.