By Rian Wardwell

Westlake High School had their 2017 Homecoming on September 9th. The night was filled with lots of sweaty, crazy students jumping around and singing their hearts out.

The day started out as a beautiful September morning. For the first time in a while, students all around Saratoga Springs and Eagle Mountain were finally excited to wake up early. “The day date is the best part” said Abigail Wyland, a current Westlake student. “We went to IHOP and then to the Nickelcade in Orem for ours.” Day dates are often filled with tons of fun, and help to get to know your date before the actual dance. “Then we went to an Italian place in Draper for dinner. It was very good.” Said Abi.

After the day date and dinner is the dance. Homecoming started at eight, but many people did not show up until nine. Once almost everyone was there, It became a true party. Everyone who went will agree the the DJ was the best we’ve ever had, in fact, he was also the DJ at Westlake’s Homecoming and Prom last year. “He played lots of songs we could get hyped up to, and was not super strict about moshing.” Said Abi. In fact, Westlakers do love to mosh. The DJ played lots of songs that people got extremely crazy to. However, if you were a girl, you might’ve gotten your feet very bruised. Many girls take off their shoes at the dance because it’s easier to dance, but the boys leave their shoes on, so a lot of girls’ feet were very hurt after.

After the dance was over, the DJ had everyone hold hands in a giant circle and feel united. Then he had all the seniors run out in the middle. The seniors all began to chant, “Senior year!” It was a very fun experience for everyone. Abigail also said, “The dance made all of the seniors feel closer with each other as a class, it was a cool experience.”