What Makes Us Westlake?


Dear Friends,

I had no idea what to write this article about. For the past two week I had procrastinated and forgotten about writing for Thunderzone. (Why would I do that? Thunderzone is awesome!) I asked friends, family members and strangers what they would like to see in the school newspaper and they all gave me different ideas. I wrote down many ideas and thought about different subjects and school departments. My question was, “What would apply to all of Westlake?”

Then, just when I had almost given up, a thought struck me. “No one at Westlake has anything in common!” The answer was staring me in the face the whole time. The only common link between, the jock, the nerd, the beauty queen and the loner is that we are all students. We have different interests, different backstories, different lives but we all have a schedule, a math class, English, Science, History. We all have to fight our ways though the halls and we all complain how tired we are.

We are all so different. We are unique and one of a kind, but we are Westlake. You may think that’s awesome, horrible or meh. But it’s true, just like a cat poster. *Believe*

Westlake students have one thing alike: Westlake, and at Wesklake, you’ll always have something in common.