Top 5 Things to Do this October


The Fall Season has finally came, and aren’t you just dying to settle in to the autumn spirit? Here’s 10 things to help you have a fun Fall!

  1. Carve some pumpkins! (picture of pumpkins, or something…) It could be a spooky spirit, a fashionable fruit, or even a perfectly painted pumpkin. It’s your pumpkin, mister. Do whatever you want!
  2. Get lost in a corn maze! Grab your buddies and book it to the nearest corn maze to have some Fall-fashioned fun! From the horror fans to the scaredy-cats, a corn maze can be just right for you! Wait, but don’t actually get lost.
  3. Dress up for Halloween! You’re crazy if you don’t find dressing up as a monster, witch, or zombie even remotely fun. The costume could be a last minute cat with eye-liner drawn whiskers, or an elaborate cosplay. Have fun! Just because we’re teens, doesn’t mean that we can’t play pretend for one day!
  4. Spookify your life! Run to Netflix, Walmart, or even the library to find the thriller for you! These stories don’t have to be straight up horror. It’s your life; you decide what level of spooky you are!
  5. Hit up a party! It could be an organized school function, a movie night in your pal’s basement, or an introvert party in your bedroom. Trick-or-treat yourself.