by Ian Larsen

Ugh, taking the bus to school can be such a pain, right? It’s crowded, there’s annoying people all around, and nothing can ever seem to hold still. It can be especially bothersome when you live really far away from school and it takes over half an hour to get there, as is the case with me. And the more people there are on your bus, the more annoying it can be. But fortunately, there are ways to get out of it having to be a miserable experience! Follow these quick and easy steps to make a good time out of an otherwise annoying bus ride to and from school.

Option 1: Talk To A FriendChances are, you know at least one person on the bus you can chat with. They may be a friend, an acquaintance, or a neighbor. There’s always stuff to talk about, be it the results of the big home game last night, the new trailer for the hotly anticipated scary movie coming out next month, or that one cute kid one of you keeps asking about. Keep on talking, and you’ll be at school before you know it!

Option 2: Read A BookThis is coming from someone who loves reading, obviously. If you don’t have friends around to talk to, it’s good to turn to books. You can read them for enjoyment or out of requirement for school. Any genre works, depending on what your interests are. They come in physical form, ebook form, and audiobook form, which makes them easy to access. Reading books is extremely helpful to the intellect and the expansion of the mind, and riding the bus gives you the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Option 3: Play On Your Phone. Ah, thank goodness for this day and age! What can’t our phones do? You can easily spend the entire trip to school and the one back home listening to music, watching a movie or TV show, texting or calling any of your friends who don’t ride your bus, taking selfies, going on Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat, or playing any of the many app games on your phone like Candy Crush and Clash Royale! Time will fly so fast, you may end up not wanting to stop what you’re doing and get off the bus.

Option 4: Do HomeworkI almost want to apologize for making mention of this, but keep in mind that I didn’t say your options would be fun. I said they’d be worthwhile. Say you have a homework assignment that isn’t too difficult and wouldn’t take too long to complete. But wait! You forgot to finish it and it’s due today! Well, luckily for you, there’s all the time it takes for the bus to get to school for you to get it done! So long as you have the prerequisite tools for doing so (like pencils, calculators, computers, hard surfaces, or whatever you need), you can quickly work on it to finish it on time.

Option 5: Take A Nap. Dear me! None of the previous options are available to you? You don’t know anyone on the bus or you don’t feel like talking to anyone? You neglected to bring a book or you just don’t feel like reading? Your phone is dead or you’re bored of using it? You don’t have any homework due anytime soon? Well, fortunately for you, the school bus can actually be a useful environment for napping after a long day. Really, I kid you not! As long as you can tune out all the white noise of the running engine and people’s voices, find a comfortable sitting position at a window seat, and let the vibrating movement of the bus lull you into drowsiness, you can take a quick power nap before you get to your bus stop. It works best when few people ride your bus.

Well, I hope these suggestions are helpful to you! And don’t forget to thank your wonderful bus driver for going through all the trouble of getting all of you to school!