Spoilers for Riverdale Season One, and Season Two, so far! You’ve been warned!


The CW show, Riverdale, has been spinning many webs in the minds of America this season. Many theorists have their own speculations, here are mine: as of episode 4 of season 2, Chapter Seventeen: The Town that Dreaded Sundown. (P.S. This is coming from the person who guessed it was Clifford Blossom last season, and, who guessed the villain in Zootopia fifteen minutes into the movie, which, if I say so myself, is my most shining moment).


Theory #1: Hermione Lodge the not-so-victim!

CW, Riverdale, Chapter One: The River’s Edge, 2017

We are first introduced to Veronica’s mother last season, and we’ve stayed with the character since. However, gone is the sweet mom, and now the cold warden. It seems as if Hermione has completely turned a one-eighty since Hiram has returned. Although, contrary to popular belief, I don’t think she’s helpless or trapped. My theory is that Hermione has got Hiram exactly where she wants him: doing dirty business in the “innocent” town of Riverdale. Why? Well, just like anything Lodge related, I don’t really know. But, don’t leave yet! I believe that Hermione is running the whole show. Want proof?

Let’s look at the facts: Hermione isn’t blind to Hiram’s doings, and actively tells Veronica so. Like in Chapter Seventeen, when she warns her daughter about blind loyalty. Also, let’s not forget, in last week’s episode, The Watcher in the Woods, how she basically bullied Veronica into questioning Hiram. I bet Hermione only did that so her daughter would be more suspicious of him, and not her. Let’s not forget the sly look Hermione gave Hiram after the whole Pop’s Diner fiasco. That wasn’t a look of “blind loyalty”. No, that was a happy smirk, basically saying, “I’ve got you right where I want you.”

Now, let’s move to the end of Season Two’s 4th Episode, Hermione tells Hiram that she knew Fred would be a problem. That leads me to question her motives the whole time. Was she ever into Fred Andrews? Or did she try to manipulate him into doing what she wants? Also, how long has this “Master Plan de Lodge” been in the works? It’s all very mysterious…Another thing, the killings, or attempted ones, aren’t the Lodge’s doing, but, they won’t pass up the opportunity to reap the benefits from the debris.


Theory #2: The Black Hood is a Puppet!

CW, Riverdale, Chapter Fourteen: A Kiss Before Dying, 2017

This has been my theory since episode one of this season, when I thought it was Archie’s mom orchestrating the violence (that theory went down real quick, us genius’ can’t always be right). I honestly believe that the Black Hood isn’t the one planning out the assaults and picking the targets, he’s working under someone else. So, that basically means that the theories suggesting that the perpetrator is Betty’s dad, or Sheriff Keller, based on the build, age, and the green eyes, are rebuffed. Now, the only question is who is organizing this mayhem?


Theory #3: Crazy Runs in the Cooper Family!

CW, Riverdale, Chapter Eight: The Outsiders, 2017

Many speculate who is running these acts of violence. They’ve suspected Papa Cooper (aka Hal), Sheriff Keller, and most recently, Alice Cooper herself! Those are some great predictions. However, I have one solid theory that might surprise some people: Polly Cooper is behind it all!

Let me explain. The black hood wrote a note, saying that he was purifying the town of its sinners. Polly’s life, and her unborn children’s, was affected by Jason’s tragic demise. Also, Polly knows that the reason Jason and her were kept apart is because of a sin committed by their ancestors. She has motive. She wants to rid the town of its sinners, who shot Jason and ruined her babies’ lives.

Let’s not forget what we know about the killer: they hate sinners (check), they know some well-kept secrets (cough…Grundy…cough…), and they are connected to Betty. Being Betty’s sister, it’s not going too far to assume that Polly knows about the whole Grundy situation, which we know that only Fred, Alice, Betty, Jughead, Veronica, and Kevin know about. The killer would have to know who Grundy is and what she did. Grundy taught at the school when Polly was there, and possibly Betty confided in Polly about the whole situation.

Also, the killer is connected to Betty, and knew about a Nancy Drew book she read as a kid. Who else, other than her own parents, would know that. Polly, her sister and best friend, would most likely have read the book with her. Another thing, at the end of episode 4, we discover what the coded message reads, “I will strike next where it all began.” Naturally, Jughead and Betty thought this was the Town Hall, where Betty gave her speech, but the narration at the end of the same episode leads me to believe otherwise. Archie and Veronica walk up to “where it all began, Sweetwater River” as Jughead explains. So, this is speculation, but I think the next act of violence will be at Sweetwater River, where Polly’s beloved Jason was found dead.

Finally, my last miniscule point, the Black Hood has green eyes, which was, and still is, an important detail. Why would the show press this aspect so hard, when he most likely will turn out not to be the “true” killer. This only leads me to believe that it will appear later on as a major detail, which solidified me in the Polly theory. Polly has green eyes. This can’t be a massive fluke of casting. They could’ve just ignored the eyes altogether, but the other strong pieces of evidence topped with this act of symbolism, makes Polly my number one pick for the guilty party.


Overall, I’ve got major speculations about this season of Riverdale, and am looking forward to seeing if my theories pan out!