Numero Uno of the Ten Minute Storm! Watch as my lovely partners (Darryan and Robbie) Steal the show 😉 😉 Our first attempt at Radio! Just dipping our toes in the water..

The Ten Minute Storm; Corny Jokes! a quick 10 minute review on how Aubrie and my own experience at Cornbellies quickly escalated into a nightmare… and it wasn’t even Frightmares…

Ho Ho Ho from your daddy Thor… except there were NO BOYS ALLOWED in this podcast. In this podcast, we talk about our wonderful Thanksgiving, and our jittery anticipation for Christmas!

Finally getting down to taking the show in the direction that I’ve ALWAYS dreamed of (since I joined a few months ago) My new Podcasts will be focused on uplifting, and making this year the BEST school year!! This episode was based on sharing your time, kindness, attention, and talents. Next week will feature forgiveness and moving forward(Guest Starred by Carson from Thundervision and Mickey Mouse from Disney.)