5 Reasons You Should Carpool to School

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by Grace Ottesen

Nothing is more annoying than waiting in an obscene amount of traffic, only to get to school and find that there are no parking spaces left. Sure, the school could make another parking lot, but the time, money, and effort wouldn’t be worth a few extra parking spaces. The best solution to cut traffic and actually find a parking spot is to carpool. Carpooling is gathering up a few friends, and all traveling in one vehicle. Usually, the people who carpool will take turns driving, giving other drivers a break. Here are the top 5 reasons to carpool.

Reason #1: The amount of parking spaces at Westlake are very limited. Hardly any students carpool, which quickly takes up all of the parking spaces. There’s also the matter of rows of cars parking in the street creating a blind spot, which is very hazardous. If 10 students all drove their car to school, that would take up 10 parking spaces. If these students were condensed into 2 cars, that would cut the amount of parking spaces occupied by 80%.

Reason #2: You’ll reduce the amount of traffic. A commute that originally takes me 7 minutes when traffic is light, takes me 15 minutes in the morning. Students are late all the time because they can’t predict traffic conditions. This, once again, is because too many students only drive themselves to school.  

Reason #3: Save money. We’re all young and in high school, and not made of money. Carpooling saves money, and who doesn’t want to save money? Students can either split the cost of gas each day, or take turns driving. This reduces either the amount of money spent on gas, or reduces the amount of gas they would normally spend.

Reason #4: For all the environmentalists or people with asthma, this one’s for you. Carpooling helps the environment and your health. Fewer cars on the road means less carbon and pollution will be in the air. This will protect the environment by keeping the air, water, and land clean. With the reduction of pollution in the air, it can reduce the likelihood of asthma, allergies, etc. So carpooling will not only benefit you, but the world you live in as well.

Reason #5: Carpooling can also be very convenient, and offers flexibility. You can easily find people who have the same after school activities as you, or the people who need to go to attendance school in the morning. Whatever your schedule is, there is most likely someone you can find that has a schedule similar to yours.

Carpooling obviously has many benefits that not only pertain to you and the environment, but also the school. So carpool to make those potential benefits a reality.

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