A Perfect Prom


by Aleece Christensen

Prom, just that word itself is a big deal. Prom is the biggest most important dance of the school year. Many people, boys and girls look forward to it (mostly the girls). Everyone hopes to have the closest to perfect Prom. Having a perfect Prom is kind of impossible because nothing can be totally perfect. Prom can be the most magical night if you do a few key things. Planning or preparing your Prom day date, pictures, and dinner will help avoid disorganization. The next important step is communication. A lack of communication can cause total disaster. Just talk and arrange things with each other. The last and final step that everyone is capable of doing is, to just have fun and enjoy the night. Do not overthink it or stress yourself out. I will explain how each step will help you have a magical Prom.

Planning and preparation will help avoid confusion and disorganization. Plan out with your group and/or date what you are doing for the day date, location for dinner, and pictures. Now you’re probably thinking “holy this is too much and I am overwhelmed!”. Don’t be, take it step by step. If I were you, I would start with figuring out what you would like to do for your day date. If you’re stuck and can’t find any cool things to do just look up ideas on the internet. After you find out what you want to do, text your group and let them know and see if they like that idea. Then you should plan pictures, when, what location, what photographer, price, and how many individuals and couples. Be sure you tell your photographer how many people and couple there are so they can plan accordingly. Once pictures are figured out then just find out the restaurant you want to eat at. Now, reservations can be tricky so make sure you call the place you plan to eat at and ask how far out you can make reservations. It will be a headache if you procrastinate to make reservations because the night of the dance many restaurants will be packed. Just plan and you will be golden.

Okay, I have no clue why communication is a struggle between us teens. Most of us have phones that can text or Snapchat. Make a group chat with your group and date. Keep everyone updated throughout planning and prepping. If you’re one of those people that ghost in a group chats and last minute poke in and start asking tons of questions,  please, I beg you please, just scroll up and scan through the information before making everyone restate what has already been said. If you’re proactive with communicating with your group and keeping updated on the plans you should all prepared. If you have a genuine question don’t be afraid to ask it won’t kill you. Better to ask the be left in the dust.

The last step is my favorite step. It is the easy step to complete. Just have fun. If things head south don’t freak out and let it down spiral your whole night. Keep a happy, fun, positive attitude and you will have the time of your life. Think about it, you get to go on a fun date, get pictures taken, hang with your friends, get all glammed up, and dance the night away. Nothing could be more perfect. Everything will be magnificent if you just have fun.