Embracing the Suck


by Kim Hess

Life sucks. It really does. Whether through death, disease, mental illnesses, physical limitations, or any other infirmity, life can be deplorable. Even when the good things should outweigh the bad, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes life sucks.

Sometimes you wish you could escape the interminable moribund life that you seem to constantly live in. Your insipid, languorish energy that you magnanimously force upon others is simply your way of trying to mitigate the inexorable pain you are experiencing. You do not want to seem lugubrious, but sometimes the inundate of grief, stress, anxiety, depression, take your pick of the negatives, is just too much too bear. Sometimes, you just want to curl up in a ball, and let this storm pass.

But it won’t pass.

Life sucks. I get it.

This storm of life won’t pass. It will follow you for the rest of your days. What we need to figure out is how to dance in the rain, instead of being a “snowflake,” and melt under pressure, as Westlake Drama puts it. Boys, it’s time to roll up your sleeves. Girls, it’s time to put your hair up in a ponytail. It’s time to say “bring it” and mean it. Because bring hell or high water, we’re going to give this life thing our best shot.

No time to be nostalgic for the “good old days;” we need to be present. No matter how s uckish our present might be. Because we only have two options in this world: give up and consign ourselves to a hard and sad life, or get up and commit ourselves to a hard, but happy, life. So, how do we do that?

I recently learned a motto of the Marines that I feel would help: Embrace the S uck. My good friend Kyle Morrey, being a Marine himself, also said “If it doesn’t s uck, we don’t do it.” Life will s uck sometimes. But if you recognize how much it s ucks and push through, push back, you will find yourself giving a little more than you thought you could everyday. You will do things you thought impossible. You will be able to see the silver lining through the clouds. In fact, you will become that silver lining, that good, in someone else’s life. In someone else’s storm.

So seniors – you still have to live through one more term of high school! That s ucks! But look at it this way: you still have a few more months to spend with some of the people you love the most, until you go your separate ways.

Juniors – you just took the ACT. You’ll probably have to take it again. That s ucks! But at least you didn’t have to go to class. You even got out of school early. Not only did you conquer one of the hardest tests made for high school students, but you did well. Believe it.

Sophomores – you still have to go through two more years of high school. Good luck. That s ucks! But you have the opportunity to make new friends every year, learn new things, and make the most of your time at Westlake NOW, instead of regretting things you did or did not do by the time you’re seniors.

But Life doesn’t stop after high school.

Life is a Storm that will never pass. Life will shove us in the dirt, and strike us so hard; we’ll suffer. But what Life is about to find out is that it chose the wrong competition. We are the Thunder. We scream we’ve had enough. We’ve been quiet for far too long. We demand a Voice. We stand. We fight. We do what Life least expects; we dance. We find the silver lining, and we become the good. We live on.

Life s ucks. Embrace it. When we do, we’ll be unstoppable.