Just a Smile


Sitting in the hall during lunch, you pull out your phone to try and look busy. Over a hundred kids walk buy but don’t say a word. They don’t even look at you. You think to yourself, “if only one person would sit by me today, then I wouldn’t have to tell Mom a lie again.” Sitting on your phone, not really doing anything. You silently have a hope that maybe someone will notice you…

       Walking down the hall, all of your friends around you. Talking and laughing, trying to avoid the crowds in the hallway. Joking with your friend about prom, trying to guilt trip them into going with you. As you look around the hall you see that one kid that sits next to you in Chemistry. You can’t really recall their name but you don’t want to ignore them either. As you walk by you look down smile and say “Hey, how’s it going?”

…You look up hastily from your phone. Did someone just talk to you? To you? No, it couldn’t be! There are so many other kids in the hall, they couldn’t be talking to you… could they? You look up and see that popular kid who sits next you in Chemistry smiling at you. They noticed you?!? Oh, all of their friends are surrounding them, they ALL sit down next to you. Yes, it’s a bit uncomfortable, and louder than you are used to …but you have friends! That one smile just changed your whole day.