Q: Why does the swim team bleach their hair? And how can I join?


A: Many people have wondered about why the swim team bleaches their hair, and I finally figured out the answer. Turns out it’s funny, fun, and they all have a special reason for doing it.. One of the swim team members lost his sister to cancer, and that year the team bleached their hair and put pink in it to show our support for their family. Luckily, some of the team actually look good with it. 

And why should you join swim team? As one swimmer put it, “Not only are we funny and look good in swimsuits, but we’re proud to show that our team isn’t just a team, it’s a family. And not in the cheesy high school way, in a solid and real, ‘I have your back’ way.” But swim team isn’t all fun and games–it’s also a lot of work. “Be ready to work hard,” said the swimmer. “You’ll also get in great shape.”

May the power be ever in your possession.


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