The Last Waltz


by Lexi Reading

Dear Seniors…

The time has come for you to either dread or to embrace… your very last Prom. Some of you are going to be sleepless the night before, just dreaming about what will happen in 24 hours and everything that magical night has to offer. You will be antsy and anxious to waltz your heart out with your smoking hot date.

Some of you will be fast asleep not giving a care in the world about yet another school dance. For the rest of you, you will most likely be playing Fortnite and staying up until 2 in the morning. Seniors, you won’t ever get this chance again, to ask the one you’ve been dying to ask all year, to spend money on the one who is worth more than diamonds, to spend hours on hair and make up, to dress up real nice, to feel “royal” for the last time. Remember don’t eagerly wait for the dancing, even though that is the main event.

Embrace every second you can and create the most memories you can because this is your Last Waltz. Live for the moment, take pictures, laugh, eat fancy food because if you are ever lucky enough to do it again… you’ll probably be a chaperone.